Friday, May 27, 2011

This morning Lincoln was so tired but more than that he was hungry. So I laid him down in his crib and fed him a few ounces while his eyelids slowly glued shut for a nap. I pulled the bottle out after he finished and he had completely zonked out. His lips even stayed in the same place they were in as he was sucking on the bottle, his lower lip curled and a little pushed out. I had to take a picture! If you click on the picture it will give you a much better view of what I'm describing.

Isn't that adorable? As cute as that is, I don't know what is more heart-melting for me than the next picture. I've often noted how Lincoln holds his hands the same way as Matthias does when they're relaxed to his side. While we were hiking a couple of days ago, I noticed that both Matthias's and Lincoln's hands were in sync:
I love it when I can pick out things in Lincoln that came from either Matthias or me.

We hiked with Matthias's brother and wife, George and Wendy, to Thunderbird Falls. It's not the most jaw-dropping waterfall you've ever seen, but was a good warm-up hike for their first day here.

It was a beautiful hike along the way, too. It's been really fun to go and enjoy the summer weather with George and Wendy. I keep telling them this would be a great place for them to buy a summer home. Which is totally true, but definitely self-serving as well.

Lincoln's face couldn't be beat as we were walking along.

Lincoln adds so much fun to everything I normally do in the day. As I cook or clean the kitchen, sometimes I hand him whatever made up toy I can think of for him to play with. For awhile, it was an empty Cool Whip container. After it had dropped a couple of times, though, it turned into my toy and I amused myself greatly with turning it into his hat. I have about a dozen different pictures now that resemble this:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I caught Lincoln in the middle of a sneeze:

And I know these are nearly all the same, but they aren't to me, okay?

And I like ALL of them for different reasons.

I can't explain how, but he seems to get cuter by the day.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lincoln discovered his tongue this past Sunday and wouldn't keep it in his mouth all day...

It was so adorable! Everyone at church was laughing because he was sticking his tongue out and just holding it there. We think it might be because he had his first tooth come in this week. Matthias noticed it on Tuesday evening so maybe it had come in already on Sunday and he was just feeling it with his tongue? I'm so excited Lincoln has his first tooth! It's so much fun to see him grow.

Last weekend we had a picnic in our front yard.
I couldn't get the above picture to flip clockwise no matter how I tried. Anyway, the weather here has been AWESOME! We'v been trying to soak in every ounce of sunshine we can get.

This is Lincoln watching Matthias eat his sandwich. His mouth open wide, trying to take a bite of it himself:

Poor guy. All in due time, little fella.

Some more fun pictures from the past few weeks:

This is how he sleeps...his head cranked to the left. Every night I go in and turn it back around at least once, sometimes twice. His head is a little bit flatter on his left side than on his right because of this trend. We googled baby helmets on google images just for fun recently, which I highly recommend doing if you ever have a few extra minutes sometime. Very entertaining.

More pictures will come soon of his "photo shoot" yesterday that resulted in some of the cutest pictures of him yet. Too many to put in this post, though.