Friday, April 29, 2011

Here's Lincoln on his first Easter ever:

The angle doesn't necessarily flatter his mid-section.

But if you like cuddly, squeezable babies, then it does. Which I do, by the way.

Lincoln loves to babble while he eats, making it spray all over. It's really cute.

Here he's telling me that he'd love to learn how to play the harmonica.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this:

Getting all bundled up to go outside is one of my favorite activities with Lincoln because he is so stinkin cute in his warm clothes. He looks so cozy, the feeling rubs off on me, too.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I don't know how he does it, but he manages to get chunkier and cuter every day...

Matthias's chin was the target for Lincoln's exploration the other day. He often gives "kisses" (although I'm sure that's not what they really are to him) by opening his mouth up wide and face planting against your face, then wiggling his tongue in and out. In case you're wondering, it tickles when he finds your neck instead of your cheek.
He paused to pose for me. What a champ, right?

Another great part about having Mom around was that she was able to get some pictures of Lincoln and I together. Hardly ever does that happen. It's great that Linc will know he had a mother during his first year.
We were all fancied up for church, so we had to capitalize and get a Grandma-Lincoln picture:

It was so cute to see Mom read Lincoln books. Of course, being a preschool teacher, she's a fabulous story teller. But on top of that, Lincoln would look up at her every 10 seconds or so and stare at her as if to say, "Is it true?"

We just loved spending time with Grandma! We spent lots of times in different stores, particularly Target and Walmart, to get this and that for some projects around the house. Those always seem to get done when she's around. Our apartment was a new place by the time she left and thanks to her I'm organized with even a little room to grow in this place.

We celebrated Matthias's birthday on the 14th and then Grandma babysat Linc while we went downtown overnight and ate some fabulous food (because that's what makes birthdays so much fun, right?). We were grateful to have a few dates while she was here. Thank you, Mom!!

I loved watching Lincoln watch Mom. He would stare at her as she told him fabulous things about being an "angel baby", a handsome boy, and all things nice. He ate up that attention like his first-morning feed. This is him watching Grandma:

One of my favorite things to do lately, now that we have a piano, is play with Linc. Most often he is not sitting in my lap, but every once in awhile I let him sit with me. He hasn't figured out that pushing down with his hand creates noise, but he mostly strokes the notes like a puppy dog, probably admiring their shine.

And for some of the best shots yet...bath time. If you asked Lincoln what his favorite thing to do is, and if he could answer in words, he would say "splash water during bath time". He loves kicking the water and trying to grab water falling on top of him.

His second most favorite thing is the little massage he gets afterwards:

A prize will go to the person with the best caption for this photo:

We miss you, Grandma!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My mom came to visit!

Since we took so many pictures, I'm doing them in segments. One thing, among many, that was great about her being here was that she helped Lincoln learn how to eat from a spoon so much better. He used to just stink at it but now he actually will open his mouth for it most of the time when I tap his top lip with it. For a first-time spoon feeder that is a great relief.
Lincoln learned to roll from his tummy to his back. He just leans his head over to one side and the rest of his body follows. I think he did this by accident the first time and then thought it was really cool and continued to do it. This has hindered his "tummy time", however, since whenever I put him on his stomach to get exercise, he just rolls to his back. I've tried to solve this by putting him on his stomach on the Boppy pillow, which has sides to it and comes around him to secure him in place. It kind of works, although it can make him a little too comfortable where he just lays his head down on it and stays there for awhile. I don't know how he'll ever learn how to crawl or even roll from his back to his stomach. But I'm not too anxious for him to be long as he gets there eventually.

I love this face:

This outfit is one my mom got in Utah over Christmas break for him. It is an 18 month outfit...he is not even 7 months. What a chunk.

Are you calling me fat?

Something I really love about this age: he loves anything that makes noise and can be entertained by such things for long amounts of time. Example: tissue paper. Lincoln played with this piece for forever. I have a couple pictures where he got lost in it when it covered his face.

I had to put this one on even though it ended up a little fuzzy. It's from today (Easter) while eating rice cereal. We were trying so hard to get him to smile for the camera and this is the only one we were able to get.

We had a pretty relaxed Easter. After church we took a drive down the coast while Lincoln slept. We didn't fix a big meal (my dinner was a spinach smoothie and veggie chips) but instead just did a little of this and a little of that. I wish we could have had time with Lincoln's grandparents, aunts, uncles and maybe even cousins, but that is just how it goes I guess. The sunlight is getting to the awesome comes up around 6 a.m and goes down somewhere close to 10 p.m. I just love Alaska summers! We are looking forward to having Matthias's brother and his wife, George and Wendy, come visit in a few weeks. More pictures from my mom's visit coming soon...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love this kid.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is Lincoln's favorite play-thing:

It's a crinkle book and makes all the crinkly sounds a little boy could possibly want. He grabs a page with each hand and just moves his fingers open and shut for minutes and minutes of glorious fun. Favorite toy #2: Butterfly with crinkle wings. My sister, Andrea, gave this hand-me-down to him during Christmas and he really can't get enough of it. Again...his focus is all on the wings and the fabulous orchestra of crinkles he can make with them. A not-so-favorite thing...lying on his stomach. Yes, he still isn't a big fan. But we are working so hard on it, right Lincoln? He's definitely improved and can push himself up so his chest is off the floor but more often than not he rests his head or just peers up to glance at the closest toy or person. My favorite maneuver, which I have yet to get on camera because they always turn out blurry, is the "superman". This is where his legs are lifted up and his arms are stretched out to his sides with his head up looking straight ahead.

Here are the chunkiest legs you'll ever see. Matthias can't wrap his fingers around these thunder thighs. We're quite proud of our chunky boy.

After a baby shower I threw, I had some extra party favors. Lincoln got his hands on one and tried to eat it with the wrapper still on. He persevered for so long...I'm surprised he didn't make it through the cellophane bag with all that chewy-slobber action.
And the guilty look:
We are fortunate to know a few people who are finished with baby toys and
paraphernalia who have passed them generously on to us. Here is one of the ones we are most excited about due to all of the fun sound-making options. He hasn't really figured out how to properly manipulate/use all of them, but it's a great way for me to get dishes done or fix dinner. Win-win. Church can be a long 3 hours for this little guy. He isn't as successful at sleeping in his car seat anymore and my arms just don't do the trick either for more than a half-hour or so. This is him after church one Sunday completely wiped out after eating. I think he looks perfectly adorable.
And finally....St Patrick's Day! We did our traditional corned beef pizza and my pistachio chocolate chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Not to mention these delicious Irish potato candies that are made of cream cheese, coconut, and rolled in cinnamon to look like little potatoes. We Cicotte's like our decadent food.