Monday, March 14, 2011

Look at this cutie:
I found this top at a clothing swap I went to last week. So excited it is the perfect size for him!
We got this jumpy swing at Kid-to-Kid that he LOVES. He doesn't really bounce in it yet, but likes to hang and watch me do things.
Two funny things about this picture: (1) This bib is so funny looking on him. I took a picture with him wearing this bib several months ago and he was drowning in it. Now it's just about the perfect size when we're trying to eat things like squash and peas. (2) He is fascinated with his hand, particularly his left. He stares and stares at it like I might stare at a piece of peanut butter pie on the dessert menu.
Here are some pictures from the hospital while he had RSV. He was such a trooper. Didn't complain when they put on a pink bracelet or the ridiculous looking gowns.
We watched a movie that night and just tried to cheer him up the best we could. He wouldn't crack a smile for anything. But he wasn't showing any really scary symptoms so I was pretty sure we'd be out of there the next day.
This was my favorite part: his glowing toe. They were monitoring his oxygen levels and I guess this is the best way to do that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are missing everyone! Thanks for the prayers offered for Lincoln while he was sick with RSV. He was a champion fighter and is mostly better. Here are some pictures with more coming soon, as these are a bit outdated. Been a bit busy...
He is getting better at being on his stomach. He can handle it for several minutes at a time now without breaking down.
This is the cute little fella smiling at Matthias, who seems to draw out the biggest smiles.
He is still loving those fingers. This is the classic "two finger" look.
Lincoln has one of the greatest glazed over looks I've ever seen. Several times a day he'll start to fix his stare on some unknown object and nothing breaks it until something inside him snaps himself out of it. Here's a great example: