Monday, February 14, 2011

This is what I saw the other morning when I went to peek at Lincoln:
He's so sprawled out, I think his left hand could be touching the Aleutians, and his right foot could be touching Juneau.
I've mentioned the love he has for his hands. Well, it's for all hands apparently. He gnawed on Matthias's hand during a whole episode of Prison Break.
This kid has a big head, if you don't know that already. He's in the 90% percentile for his head circumference. I was trying to get a shirt off the other day and it got stuck mid-way. It might've been mean of me, but I couldn't help but have a quick photo shoot.
Mean or not, I don't regret it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A few days ago, Lincoln had his first experience with a spoon and rice cereal. He was making the funniest faces. His first bite was the best, I think because I caught him off guard. But then he began pushing the spoon out with his tongue every time I attempted to feed him more. I think he ended up eating about 2 tsps. Better luck next time. But for now, we have these entertaining photos: And for our personal favorite....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Lincoln went in for his second round of shots last Friday. He does really well as long as I stuff a bottle in his mouth a.s.a.p. after the shots. He forgets all about the trauma once that happens. Before that happens, his face is scrunched and purple and sounds are coming out of him the likes of which have never before been heard. Poor little guy. They did give him some super tough blue camo bandaids...does that make up for what they did? You'll have to ask him. The bandaids started out on his leg, but after his nap I came in to find him like this:
Later on, I found one on my sock. I wonder if they're scared to put any kind of stick on the kid bandaids? Those things were even having trouble staying on in the office as I finished feeding him.
I liked the look so much, I decided to stick it on more securely there for awhile, just because it made me smile. Mean? Look at the following pictures and decide if you wouldn't have done the same.
If Lincoln has an ounce of narcissism, it's for his hands. Those hands are hardly ever outside of his mouth. Occasionally he'll bring them out to chug down some milk or make a cool face for the camera (he aims to please), but for the most part you'll find him trying to stuff his whole fist(s) inside the confines of his mouth.

Exhibit A
He stopped to say, "What are you looking at?"
And then we have:
Exhibit B

He's not fooling around.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So I found out at the doctor's that walkers are dangerous and should be thrown away. We got one for 5 bucks at a yard sale last summer. But his feet don't even reach the ground yet, so it's more like a safe chair for him to play on while I make food, etc. He was so intent on this toy. I love his look of concentration.
Poor little guy hates "tummy time". We are working on it every day. Trying everything to make it fun. Sometimes it works but not longer than a few minutes.
Love these pants:
This kid and his eyes...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lincoln was blessed on December 26, 2010. It was so perfect! He had the most adorable tuxedo made by Matthias's mom and the blessing itself was very special. We are lucky to have Lincoln and don't know how we ever lived without him.
This year Matthias got to be the narrator for the re-enactment of
Luke 2. He was fabulous!I was on a team with Kenzie for card games, who did all of the brain work behind our turns.
Lincoln likes the feeling of cloth on his face while he sleeps. Some people say this doesn't give him enough air. I tend to disagree. He has been breathing just fine.
Lincoln misses having so many people around who love to hold him. We are going to have to make another trip to Utah soon!