Friday, November 26, 2010

We tried so hard to upload a video montage of Lincoln without success. Sadly, that's been what has kept the following post from happening more quickly. So, here are some much-outdated Halloween photos from last month. Matthias was Paul Bunyan, Lincoln was Babe the Blue Ox and I was the flap-jack cook (okay...all I did was put on an apron and slide a spatula in my back pocket...I refuse to put any pictures of me in the Halloween series...I looked hideously out of place. Hideous because I don't do my hair or makeup anymore. And out of place because my costume was a lame made-up costume to fit in...better luck next year trying to find a theme for 3 people).
The time I could've put into coming up with a cooler costume was spent making these super amazing zombie eyeballs. They were delicious! Peanut butter centers with white chocolate on the outside. This is definitely becoming a Halloween tradition.

Here are some other fun shots of Lincoln in the past month. The first one is the new look for Lincoln. It helps keep his pacifier in place while we eat dinner :)

The picture above is another "thriller" shot. This is my favorite...when he brings up his arms in thriller position during his naps. They come up really quick, and shake for a second, and then he brings them slowly back down, only to repeat the process again a minute or so later.

I think he should try out for a part in a remake of "Grumpy Old Men"....