Wednesday, August 25, 2010

May trip to Seattle

Back in May, Matthias had a job interview in Seattle so I decided to join him and we made it a 4-day trip of fun. We also were potentially looking to move there, so we spent some time looking at housing. Here are some highlights:
From the top of the space needle:
Seattle aquarium:
1 hour cruise in the Puget Sound:
Pike Place....I didn't have to work hard to make that face. The fish really stank it up.
Seattle Mariner's game. Matthias's favorite team. We went with some friends who live there, Lane and Cambria, which was tons of fun to see them!

A different kind of ski jump

These are some old pictures from April when Matthias and I went to a ski resort for an event I can't remember the name of anymore. But it was the most unique thing aside from the beard and moustache competition that I've seen up here. People were dressed up in all sorts of costumes and skiied down a big hill, trying to jump over a large pool of water. They were judged on form, heighth, crowd response, and how far they jumped. Any ideas for what Matthias could dress up like? He's in training right now for next spring. I think he should go as a Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtle.