Friday, November 26, 2010

We tried so hard to upload a video montage of Lincoln without success. Sadly, that's been what has kept the following post from happening more quickly. So, here are some much-outdated Halloween photos from last month. Matthias was Paul Bunyan, Lincoln was Babe the Blue Ox and I was the flap-jack cook (okay...all I did was put on an apron and slide a spatula in my back pocket...I refuse to put any pictures of me in the Halloween series...I looked hideously out of place. Hideous because I don't do my hair or makeup anymore. And out of place because my costume was a lame made-up costume to fit in...better luck next year trying to find a theme for 3 people).
The time I could've put into coming up with a cooler costume was spent making these super amazing zombie eyeballs. They were delicious! Peanut butter centers with white chocolate on the outside. This is definitely becoming a Halloween tradition.

Here are some other fun shots of Lincoln in the past month. The first one is the new look for Lincoln. It helps keep his pacifier in place while we eat dinner :)

The picture above is another "thriller" shot. This is my favorite...when he brings up his arms in thriller position during his naps. They come up really quick, and shake for a second, and then he brings them slowly back down, only to repeat the process again a minute or so later.

I think he should try out for a part in a remake of "Grumpy Old Men"....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lincoln's First Photo Shoot

My friend, the talented Amanda Lamb, came to take pictures of Lincoln last Saturday. She was so patient with him as he was very confused about being moved around during his naptime and needed a lot of consoling. She did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her to anyone in Anchorage looking for a photographer. Thanks Amanda! We love these pictures and they'll be going up in frames around our house here pretty soon!
Here are some more random shots of Lincoln. There is one more Lincoln post coming that is from his first "photo shoot" last weekend. These ones below are mostly of the funny things he does with his hands and arms both in and out of sleep as well as some great faces he makes. He is so entertaining.

Much of the time lately I've been putting him to sleep on the Boppy pillow so he can sleep on an incline, helping with those random and sometimes disturbing mid-sleep burps. Usually I put another smaller pillow underneath him to make the incline less steep, but this time I forgot and he found himself squished down in the hole, which made for a great picture:
If this doesn't melt your insides, I don't know what will. I probably have a couple dozen shots that are exactly like this only with different clothes on. Matthias is such a good dad and Lincoln loves to sleep on his chest.
This looks like a moving shot, but he held this position for quite some time. He looks like the Statue of Liberty:
Yes...he is holding his arms up in his sleep. How this is relaxing is beyond me.
This was something he did all on his own with his hands. He held them there for a couple of minutes while looking around.
His chunky knee:
Another classic sleep shot, below. He holds these positions like they're no effort at all. I like to think he was having a dream about saving the world here:
I just can't get enough of this little guy. He makes me so happy. I will try to be better about being more selective in my picture posting after month 1. I just didn't know how to trim it down. We miss you all and wish you could be closer in proximity so you could hold and enjoy Lincoln with us. We are getting so excited for Christmas!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln

Here are some pictures to tide you over until we post the bajillion more that I want to post but don't have time for right now. We have the cutest boy in the history of the world. It's hard to keep up with all the cute pictures we have. Be patient.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lincoln Nathanael Cicotte

Lincoln was born late on Friday, 10/1/10. Michelle didn't come home until Tuesday, so we apologize for the delay in getting the word out. Rather than brag about what a great kid he is (which there'll be plenty of time for later) I'll just get to the pictures. I uploaded these in small form, but you can click to enlarge.

Lincoln was very happy to finally be held by Mom once she got out of the recovery room.


We do a lot of sleeping right now.

Call me babe, OK?