Friday, June 5, 2009


When I was younger, I had one of those cheesy T-shirts that said "Tennis is Life". I remember from a young age watching the pros on TV and even having a higher heart rate on the bigger points. I was a bit obsessed with Pete Sampras in high school and carried the Tennis magazine around from class to class, pulling it out on any occasion. One of Matthias's earliest tactics to date me was to pretend like he wanted to learn how to play tennis...funny enough, I actually believed that he did but I know better now. One night he was walking by my apartment and the door was open. I was sitting on the carpet right in front of the TV watching a US Open match. He invited himself in (or maybe I did, but whatever) and I remember being a bit annoyed at the distraction he was to the focus I had had on the match before he came. (Before you think I'm a rude, selfish jerk, please note that Matthias was "the guy who lives behind us that I barely know" at this point.)

Anyway, the French Open is in it's second and final week and I shamefully have watched nearly every single point of every match that has been televised. But tragically, I missed recording the one match I would have paid money not to miss. I had previously scanned through the guide on our TV to make sure I had recorded any matches that would be shown. I didn't know to check a different channel on this particular day and therefore, thought nothing was being shown. What do I find out?


He lost to this guy:

I didn't even know this guy's name until a few days ago. You should know that Nadal has been the first person I've felt attached to since Sampras left the game, so you can imagine my disappointment. Nadal was supposed to make history in Paris this year by winning 5 consecutive French Open Titles. And now it's free for the taking, apparently. I guess you have to hand it to Soderling for pulling what's been speculated to be the biggest upset in tennis history. (The last time someone beat Nadal on clay during a major was in April 2005...this is a big deal, ok?)

Well, on to some random pictures. This one is of my hot husband at the top of a mountain right outside Anchorage. I miss him right now, because he's out of town for work. I'm trying to be brave. It's a bit like when I was little and my mom went to the store without me. An hour seemed like 5 years. These 4 days have been a century. I miss you, Thy.
I made a gigantic cupcake for my first client ever! I also made a bunch of smaller cupcakes to go with it. White chocolate cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream on top. Yummmm. Unfortunately, I broke down and sampled a bit. I had to make sure it wasn't poisonous.
And finally, a picture I meant to put up awhile ago. I had to show what one of the trees outside our house looked like when everything was starting to sprout. You can still see some of the fall leaves that never made it to the ground. That's because fall lasts about 2 days here. A lot of the leaves freeze on the trees and stick around all winter long.