Sunday, May 24, 2009

World Beard and Moustache Competition

Every two years, there is a international competition that is held at a different location each time. It's been held in places like Berlin and the like. Yesterday it happened to be Anchorage, Alaska's turn. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the parade the night before. We read that there was a band playing music for the event with "songs about beards for people with beards". Don't worry, we heard some of that music during the approx. 90 minutes of wait time from the time we were seated to the time the first round of judging began. We only stayed for the moustache part due to time, but there were also part-beard and full-beard competitions as well. There were many moustache divisions like, "natural moustache", "dahli", "hungarian wild west", and such. The competitors were all about having their picture taken so many of these were from a quick tap on their shoulder and a snap as they smiled or posed. It's pretty safe to say we weren't expecting all of the costumes.

Pretty crazy stuff. We found out that these guys have been working on their "do" for 1-2 years. So I figure that if Matthias starts on one now, he may be ready for the next one...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


We know, we know. We haven't blogged in awhile. We have great intentions to finally put up pics and video from the Iditarod along with other fun things from the past couple months. With all of this sunlight and warm weather, we are coming up with any excuse possible to not be inside. We haven't given up on blogging, so don't give up on checking. As my mom used to say, patience is a virtue.