Thursday, July 31, 2008

The months gone by...

I wanted to use this post to catch up to date on everything that happened before we went to Europe, but first a word on what’s going on with us…

Just finished the bar exam today. I am pretty sure I passed. I get the impression from people I spoke to that no one really understood the questions any better than I did, and a number of them appeared not to understand the questions at all. That’s partly good because I don’t think I will fall into the 20-40% who fail, but it’s also bad because if I fail and those people pass my self-confidence will officially be shattered. There’s no sugar-coating it. I will quit my job and become a Starbucks barista (baristo?).

If you haven’t heard we are already in Anchorage. I apologize for those of you who were hoping to see us before we left Utah and didn’t. We didn’t know our precise date of departure until a week ahead of time, and I was cramming for the bar anyway. I’ve been ignoring friends and family like never in my life. Michelle often longs for the days “when we were married.” Now everything should return to normal – except that we sometimes see moose walking through town.

We are moving into our new apartment tomorrow. Michelle found a great deal for us. It’s a so-so neighborhood, but a great little place on the inside. We have a futon and a second bedroom for anyone wanting to visit…

Well, rain check on the futon. Our stuff won’t be here for another few weeks. Because my new job is with the feddle gummint, they are moving our stuff for free. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. We came on a plane with our suitcases so I could take the bar. Right now we are living like a couple of Jains:

Incidentally, the people up here have been great to us. We spent four nights at the home of Allan and Lizzie Skinner (hope I’m spelling their names right), who had no connection to us other than that they are friends of the Wappetts (my mission president and his wife). Last night we slept in a basement apartment of the bishop’s home. (I was going to crack a joke about how, of all the religious organizations in the world, Mormons have the best-coordinated assistance network for newly arrived members outside of Al Qaeda. Then I decided against it. Then I decided that you can say anything you want as long as you put it in parentheses.) We are very grateful.

Perhaps you would like to see a picture or two of our St. Patrick’s Day party?

Now those are a couple of cute girls. (Michelle and her sister Becky).

My sister Sariah with my buddy David in the background

St. Patrick's Day is a big deal at the Cicotte house. This year we made corned beef pizza from a recipe book my sister Regan gave us. It was a smash hit.

My birthday:

Our first date was a trip to Toucano's for my birthday, so it's a tradition.

And finally, law school graduation:

The Wife.
The Folks.
The Fam (Incl. George's kids and Logan's now-wife).

My buddy Chad. I posted this pic to show I'm not the only one who looks ridiculous in a cap and gown. (Someday I will learn to smile for a photo without looking like Kevin from The Office.)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Updates Coming Very Soon...

So I see in the comments that I need to update the blog. Fair enough. Between our month-long trip to Europe and studying for the bar exam, I have been a leeeeettle busy, but I promise that after next Thursday (when the exam mercifully concludes) I will be much more dutiful. I'm talking pictures from the last few months, and video (yes! a new feature on our blog!) from both Europe and my little brother Logan's wedding.